One of the best ways to market luxury travel is word of mouth and to do this you need to create raving fans.

Too many tour companies rely on simple customer feedback forms at the end of their tour or cruise.  These aren’t enough to ensure continual improvement which in turn ensures you create raving fans.

You need true insights into how your customers really feel about their holiday and some honest feedback about what can be done to improve it.

Solution? An undercover ‘mystery’ holiday maker who joins in as if being an ordinary tourist.

What you’ll get

Full tour lifecycle analysis including:

  • Review of all marketing materials promoting the trip
  • Review of booking process
  • Review of pre-tour briefing documents / collateral etc


  • True customer insights noted from conversations and daily activity
  • Review of tour – what worked, what didn’t, quick wins and areas for improvement

Content for your website or blog

  • SEO friendly content (daily trip review with photos circa 300 words)
  • Daily tour tweets / Facebook updates (if desired)

Word of mouth marketing for your other trips

  • Recommending your other trips in a natural conversation during the tour

Optional extra

Post-trip public speaking engagement at client information evenings (speaking as a past customer about the tour)

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